EASY as can be. YOU automatically are entered into the MinedPool Bitcoin Mining Pool once you join us as a MinedPool Mining Pool and Hosting Member.

To gain exclusive access to the MinedPool Bitcoin Mining Pool, just join us as a member and then we’ll work with you to help you easily send us your ASIC or GPU cryptocurrency mining equipment you already own, OR you can conveniently buy the best bitcoin miners and crypto mining equipment right from our shop if you want to buy new mining machines.

then our world-class team here at MinedPool Technologies offers hosting/colocation for your mining rigs at our secure data center environment mining facilities located strategically across the USA, and we oversee all mining pool management, maintenance, and 100% of your bitcoin/crypto mining operations for you.


Get Your Share Of Crypto Mining Rewards Sent To You When You Want And How You Want. Instead of messing with hot and annoying mining rigs on your own-you have no stress when you become a MinedPool Mining Pool/Hosting Member.

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Not sure how to get started mining Bitcoin and Crypto, but ready to start and wanting to join the world of MinedPool Mining Pool/Hosting Memberships and bitcoin mining/crypto mining? Just use the form at the bottom of this page to contact us, tell us what you currency want to mine (Bitcoin and/or Altcoins), what your budget is for new equipment, and tell us whether you have specific mining rigs in mind OR if you want us to suggest (ASIC and/or GPU) mining rigs based upon your preferences, so you can get the BEST DEALS and fastest shipping/miner deployment times.


We proudly launched our website “live” in August of 2021, and already have seen immense interest in our services with MinedPool Members/Users joining us from MORE THAN 60 COUNTRIES ACROSS THE GLOBE, and counting.

Will you be next?


INTRODUCING the WORLD’S BEST bitcoin mining pool, based in the USA, with Managed & Hosted Bitcoin Mining made for everybody-INNOVATIVELY brought to you by minedpool technologies. Unparalleled results & facilities to ensure you mine as much bitcoin (and other crypto) as possible, as quick and easy as possible, as efficiently as possible, as environmentally friendly and securely as possible, and as profitably as possible!


As you may already know-your machine’s hash rate is hugely important and we have exclusive ways to maximize it. For Bitcoin Miners and other Crypto Miners-we utilize proven and proprietary new technologies, custom firmware, and data analysis to deliver the best possible results by maximizing your performance and increasing your cryptocurrency mining rig’s mining hash rate by up to 20% or more in most cases, which leads to you making more money and earning more crypto mining rewards.


By increasing electrical efficiency and greatly increasing your hash rate using custom firmware, and by adding the human touch of constant maintenance and cleaning to maximize machine usage and mining rig output, increase your profit and productivity up to 50%+, and keep your mining rigs hashing longer.

We operate a revolutionary NEW style of Bitcoin Mining Pool, and Altcoin/GPU Mining Pool here at MinedPool Technologies.

Who can host Mining Rigs With MinedPool and WHO CAN JOIN the MinedPool Mining Pool(s)? Believe it or not, anyone can host an ASIC or GPU Mining Rig at a MinedPool Technologies Data Center/ Bitcoin and Crypto Mining Facility and ANYONE can join our MinedPool Mining Pool(s).

No number of mining machines is too small or too large because we work with anyone who wants to mine bitcoin at a world-class level: large-scale enterprise Bitcoin Mining companies looking for a great new spot & a way to increase profits, or Institutions, fortune 500 corporations, municipalities & government organizations, small startups, or any business or individual. We make it possible for everyone to mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

If you don’t feel like purchasing your own ASIC mining rig BUT you still want to try Mining Bitcoin, you can now get a small piece of the action by purchasing one of our MinedPool Cloud Bitcoin Mining Monthly Contracts.

Like we said, there’s literally something for everyone here at MinedPool Technologies.

We love mining Bitcoin, but-in addition to mining Bitcoin on behalf of our members- we do mine some other “altcoins,” i.e. alternative/additional cryptocurrencies.

Besides Mining Bitcoin, we also mine Dogecoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero, Ethereum (until ETH 2.0 eliminates Mining), Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Raven Coin, and more.

Plus, we’re always exploring new cryptocurrencies to mine.

Swipe through our slideshow to see all of the different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and more, which the MinedPool Technologies Mining Pool(s) are currently able to mine for you.

When you JOIN US as a MinedPool Mining Pool/Hosting Member, we take care of everything related to Bitcoin and Crypto Mining all for you.

All you need to do is live happy and have no stress, and just sit back, relax, and collect more CRYPTO!

The only requirement to mine with MinedPool is you need to own (or buy) your own ASIC Bitcoin Mining Rig(s) or GPU Mining Rigs, and you must host your Mining Rig(s), with MinedPool to be eligible to join our MinedPool BITCOIN MINING POOL OR MinedPool Altcoin/GPU mining pool.

If you don’t own a crypto mining rig, you just need to buy 1 and let our team help, or get equipment on your own if you prefer, OR-if you don’t want to buy a machine at all- you can even purchase a MinedPool Cloud Bitcoin Mining Monthly Contract instead and pick up the hash power you desire without having to buy equipment or do anything besides receive daily mining rewards.

We’re helping advance the crypto industry with your help and with our Bitcoin and Crypto Mining Solutions made to fit everyone’s preference, by MinedPool Technologies and MinedPool Cloud Services.

Super simple, right? Have a mining rig? run it in one of the world’s best spots!

If you already have your mining machines, you’re ready to get started!

If you need help obtaining ASIC Bitcoin Mining Machines, especially a large amount, our sales team can help you get whatever you want…new or used. Because we’re able to work with vast amounts of resellers around the globe, and directly with manufacturers in some instances, we can usually HELP YOU GET THE MINING RIG(s) you want, SHIPPED DIRECTLY TO OUR FACILITY FOR QUICK MINER SETUP/DEPLOYMENT TIMES, at as fair of a price as you’ll find anywhere.

MinedPool Machine Sourcing & Logistics Services For MinedPool Mining Pool/Hosting Members

If you want to mine Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies with MinedPool and need to buy new crypto mining equipment, you are in luck because we can absolutely help you with that also.

CUSTOM GPU Mining Rig Builds Are Available Upon Request!

We sell the absolute best ASIC Bitcoin Mining Machines and GPU Mining Rigs/crypto mining equipment on our site, and we always source from your favorite manufacturers and/or trusted third-party resellers/suppliers to get your equipment on your behalf with the BEST pricing available and fastest shipping times to meet YOUR PREFERENCES! If you buy a machine from our website, you must join our MinedPool Mining Pool/Hosting Memberships so we can manage your machine’s mining and conveniently host your machine for you.