Are you ready for an exciting and rewarding career as part of the team at MinedPool Technologies? We’re a brand new company that is growing very quickly, and we need your help in order to take our operations to the next level.

We mine Bitcoin. We mine Crypto. We host mining machines for miners from around the world. We run some of the world’s best new mining pools (for bitcoin and altcoins). We’re getting ready to officially launch a new suite of Cloud Services unlike anything the world has ever seen. We’re building lots of new stuff, too, that’s going to be very exciting to unveil.

Want to know the best part? We’re growing too fast to handle all of the demand we have with our currently small team, even working 24/7, so we need you and your talents to APPLY TO JOIN our dedicated team of workers NOW so YOU CAN POTENTIALLY HELP MinedPool Technologies grow!

If you can thrive in a fast-paced startup environment and want to change the world for the better, you might be a great fit for a career with MinedPool Technologies, Inc.

If you have high expectations for yourself, and you like to achieve amazing things-then you might be a great fit for a career with MinedPool Technologies.

If you want to work at a rapidly growing startup technology company that hopes to give you a great career with plentiful opportunities and great compensation for your hard-work, then you could be perfectly suited for a career with MinedPool Technologies.

AND-IF you have a passion for things like technology, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, cloud computing, development of new technologies, and the internet-then you might be a perfect fit for a career with MinedPool Technologies. You never know, maybe you can help us change the world?

We receive a robust number of applications, so seriously interested candidates must please note that it is best to send your applications expeditiously to ensure you have the best chance of candidacy.

Sending an application does not guarantee any offer for employment, and we may not be able to review every single application-but we’ll absolutely do our best to read every word you send us as thoroughly as possible to see whether you’re the right person to become our next teammate.

Most of our roles are currently being performed 100% remotely, unless otherwise noted, but we do have hopes of gathering together and we hope to eventually be moving to a hybrid remote/in-person work-model if/when it is completely safe to do so.

Every member of The MinedPool Technologies Team receives a robust health benefit package, amazing work-life balance, competitive salaries (paid in fiat currency OR Bitcoin), PTO, a retirement plan, and-importantly-you receive a chance to obtain a real equity stake in Our Company.

Equity/employee stock options are granted after 1 year of employment with MinedPool Technologies; and health benefits, retirement plan eligibility, bonus eligibility, and PTO all are granted after you successfully pass a 6 month/180-day probationary period.

Even for remote roles, due to USA labor laws, please note that all applicants must be USA citizens and/or authorized to work in the USA at the time of applying for a role with MinedPool Technologies.

MinedPool Technologies, Inc., is an equal opportunity employer, committed to fair hiring practices, and all individuals over the age of 18 are welcome to apply for fair employment consideration.


Current Open Positions:

(Updated October 9th, 2021)

Sales and Marketing Manager

Role Description and Duties:

As a Sales and Marketing Manager with MinedPool Technologies, you will have the exciting opportunity to help educate new prospective clients all about MinedPool Technologies and our services. You also will get to help many people start mining bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and you must be able to help with any requests from clients pertaining to MinedPool Hosting, MinedPool Mining Pool, or even bitcoin/crypto mining equipment procurement requests.

If you are a bubbly and confident individual who thrives in fast-paced situations that give you the chance to help others make big decisions, then you could be a wonderful new Sales and Marketing Manager for MinedPool Technologies.

As a Sales and Marketing Manager at MinedPool Technologies, you will help serve as one of the public faces of our brand- thus, individuals who conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism and care will be best suited for this role.

If you love talking about bitcoin, bitcoin mining, technology, crypto, the internet, and more exciting topics-then you could take your personal passions and turn them in to a career as a new Sales and Marketing Manager for MinedPool Technologies.

You will be frequently working with our executive team, the general public, other companies, and all other departments within MinedPool Technologies, and you will help to filter inquiries which you choose to send to our CEO when you feel it is appropriate to have them reach out for whatever reasons.

You will work in coordination with other team members to conduct market research, and you must be highly analytical.

You will mainly be finding new clients who are interested in mining bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with MinedPool at this time, while also helping prepare clients for our upcoming public launch of MinedPool Cloud Services. You will be expected to consistently recruit new customers for MinedPool, with aggressive sales goals and robust performance incentives, and you also will be tasked with assisting our customers/members with any inquiries or requests.

Some people you work with will already be professional bitcoin miners who have decided to transition their operations to start hosting and mining with MinedPool, and some individuals will be completely new to the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. This said, it is paramount for you to have the ability to obtain expert-level knowledge after training.

Not only will you help assist with answering any new inbound inquiries we receive from our website/via email regarding our services from prospective and existing customers, but you also will work to reach out to other companies and individuals worldwide to help market and sell our services.

You will be responsible for, and must be comfortable, corresponding with current and future customers via email, via social media, via text message, via phone, via video, and certainly you must be especially charismatic in-person.

Our ideal content will already have their own social media presence of some sort and will be very comfortable regularly posting about MinedPool Technologies on your personal pages. And you must be comfortable putting a link to our sites/pages on your personal pages that identify you as a proud member of our team. (Extra points for “influencers.”)

You must have access to a personal smartphone and/or desktop, tablet, or laptop in order to perform this role successfully, and you must have a personal internet connection/WIFI at all times when you are working.

This is a Full-Time Position, with a minimum of 40 hours per week worked. Since our operations run 24/7/365, you will have the chance to work with the executive team to ensure you can configure your schedule in a way that allows you to consistently work when you want, where you want, and how you want. We want you to perform to your full potential, and we do everything we can to help ensure you can be the best version of you both on and off the job.

In addition to helping manage the robust amount of inbound inquiries we receive to our website, and assisting both existing and prospective MinedPool Members, you will follow up on sales to onboard new members and will work with the finance/accounting team and executives to communicate about new member orders and requests.

You will also help to raise awareness about MinedPool in general, as well as raise public awareness regarding upcoming updates and new features, like upgrades to our website/mining pool, the launch of our cloud, etc., and you will be able to use your marketing skills heavily to help secure media mentions for our company from outlets worldwide.

You will also help manage our company’s social media presence, along with other team members, and you will help to monitor all website reviews and social media platforms to find mentions of our company and services (from current members, prospective members, news outlets, other companies, and more) to bring to the attention of executives and management for analysis and improvement efforts.

Individuals who have a background in sales, marketing, communications, public relations, customer service, hospitality, and technology all will have applicable professional skills that should allow you to transition nicely to a career with MinedPool Technologies.

Some outbound sales leads will be provided for you, and you also will be required to obtain your own leads regularly for the best chances of success. You will be asked to track every interaction with customers very thoroughly to help increase efficiency and must have a high-level of honesty.

In addition to your standard duties, you will be asked to help with other tasks if needed/when necessary.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of duties, but rather just a sample of what you can expect to encounter as a Sales and Marketing Manager at MinedPool Technologies.

Qualification Requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree, or higher, from an accredited 4 year college or university, OR a high school diploma/GED with 4 years of equivalent sales/marketing or similar work experience in lieu of any degree.

Ideal candidates will be trustworthy and will have excellent writing skills, and also must have outstanding social skills.

You must be highly proficient communicating via all mediums, including via email/text, via phone, via video, and in-person.

You must be very comfortable working with the Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as similar applications from Google.

While not entirely required, it will be helpful to have some knowledge of Art/Graphic Design and applications like Photoshop.

Must be qualified to work in the USA.

Must consent to background checks, if necessary/applicable.

Must consent to signing extensive Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Non-Compete Agreements, and other contracts.

2-4 Years of Proven Sales and/or Marketing or similar work experience, in a professional capacity, is required.


Remote possibilities. Candidates residing in Colorado are preferred, but talented candidates in all locations will be considered. Currently, this role is being performed remotely and work can be completed anywhere you have phone and internet access.


(Salary range: $40,000 USD-$60,000 USD plus uncapped commissions from day one; health benefits, PTO, and performance/incentive bonuses available after 6 month probationary period, and equity options available after 1 year).

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Role Description and Duties:

As a Software Engineer with MinedPool Technologies, you will be an integral member of the team from day one.

If you are a trustworthy and dedicated super coder who wants to have a hand in creating significant innovations, then you may be a perfect fit for a career with MinedPool Technologies.

In your role as a Software Engineer, you will help improve our existing products- including our MinedPool Bitcoin Mining Pool, Altcoin Mining Pool, MinedPool Cloud Services, Our Website, and more- and you also will be tasked with helping to create exciting future products for MinedPool Technologies and our ever growing community of happy MinedPool Members.

Our users are asking for new products and upgrades, and it’ll be your job to help respond to user requests quickly in order to help perfect our site and services as much as possible. You will thoroughly test everything you create, and will look for any potential “bugs” to fix them accordingly.

You will work daily to create and maintain world-class software that is used to enhance MinedPool’s services and to help advance technology and cryptocurrency adoption worldwide. If you are not able to develop from scratch, then this role may be difficult for you to succeed in. If you are able to create outstanding software from scratch, then you will be well suited for this role.

Ideal candidates will also be active on social media and will be willing to help promote MinedPool Technologies actively.

Conducting thorough research consistently will be an important task you must accomplish, and highly analytical thinkers will have the most success in this role.

Write code, design and develop new software applications, and improve our existing ones.

Utilization of open-source code to create new products may also be a skill you will either need to possess already, or develop very quickly.

The more you can do, the more valuable you can be for the team and the more growth opportunities you will have with MinedPool Technologies as we continue to grow from our very young startup stage.

Individuals who thrive in fast-paced environments will do best in this role because things will change rapidly as we continue to scale.

Our founding team has laid the groundwork, but now we want some absolute superstar software engineers to come in to take things to an entirely new level. Due to the incredibly high demand we’ve been fortunate to experience thus far, we need talented software engineers who want to be very busy to join the MinedPool Team immediately.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive description of your role as a Software Engineer at MinedPool Technologies, but it should give you a general idea of what to expect.

Qualification Requirements:

Ideal candidates will have a great familiarity with, and passion for, 1 or more of the following subjects: Bitcoin Mining and Bitcoin Mining Pools, Cryptocurrency Mining Pools and stratum protocols, User Dashboards, Software (and Firmware) Development, Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin Lightning Network and Payment Applications, APIs, Cryptocurrency/Crypto Mining, Open Source, AR/VR/Metaverse and NFTs, Cloud Computing, and similar.

Ideal candidates will be super-coders who can build virtually anything they are tasked with.

If you are qualified to help our company become one of the greatest technology innovators in the world, then you will excel in this role.

Both UX and UI and front end/back end development expertise desired.

Must have a base-level of knowledge about encryption.

You must have a penchant and knack for creating “sticky” software that creates high levels of engagement.

Familiarity, and the ability to quickly display expert-level skills, with C++, PHP, HTML/CSS, Java, Javascript, and Python, will be necessary, and the ability to learn new skills fast is needed.

You must be well-versed and able to become an expert with any technological application you will be asked to use.

You must adhere to the highest levels of secrecy when working on anything for Our Company, and must be comfortable working on confidential products which could help to change the world.

For current features and services-you also must be able to respond quickly to user needs in order to rectify and potential issues, and in order to help develop new features quickly.

High-level mathematics skills are required, at least to a point where you can sufficiently understand existing algorithms, and can amend existing or write new ones when necessary for creation of new products.

Must be qualified to work in the USA.

Must consent to background checks, if necessary/applicable.

Must consent to signing extensive Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Non-Compete Agreements, and other contracts.

Bachelor’s Degree or higher from an accredited 4-year university or college, OR High School Diploma/GED WITH 4+ years of proven software engineering/coding/web development/programming work experience.


To be discussed upon interview and/or any potential offers, but remote and/or hybrid setups may be entertained after an initial on-site training period in Colorado. Certainly at the start, our company’s preference would be for ideal candidates to work on-site at our corporate offices in Colorado to ensure security of our proprietary information and to allow for new team members to quickly become an integral part of the team. Once initial training has been completed, remote possibilities may be discussed.


(Salary range: $45,000 USD-$100,000 USD; health benefits, PTO, and performance/incentive bonuses available after 6 month probationary period, and equity options available after 1 year).

Thank you for your interest in a career with MinedPool Technologies, Inc. Please be sure to include your resume and a short cover letter with your application.

Email career applications to: and/or use the form below.

If you’re a candidate who we think may be a good fit, our team will be in touch shortly to arrange an initial interview.

We thank you in advance for taking the time to send us an application, and we thank you for your interest in starting a career with MinedPool Technologies.