Bitcoiners certainly love bitcoin, and this unites us all. Also, many bitcoin lovers certainly are fond of sports to a certain degree. So, for this reason- people pay attention when high-profile athletes announce their support for Bitcoin. After all, our beloved Bitcoin, what was once considered a niche- at best- has now turned in to a full fledged industry in its own right with a total value well over $1 Trillion USD and counting.

After becoming the first player in history to throw a record-setting 600th Touchdown pass recently, football legend Tom Brady had quite a debacle for a moment when the coveted football used to break the record was mistakenly given to a spectator by one of Brady’s teammates.

After some tense negotiations between Brady’s team equipment staff and the lucky fan, thankfully the record-breaking football was rightfully graciously returned to Mr. Brady… however, the fan who briefly received Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown ball in error certainly didn’t go home empty handed.

Some could say receiving Tom Brady’s 600th Touchdown football momentarily was the most valuable unintentional mistake this football fan will ever be involved in. Plus, who gets a story like this to tell for years to come?

Tom Brady Gave 1 Lucky Fan 1 Bitcoin!

People already knew Tom Brady was great at football, and Bitcoin lovers also knew Brady was one of the family thanks to his “laser eyes” and recent posts. Also, Mr. Brady has announced his love for Bitcoin in the past.

What we didn’t know was, because it’s 2021 and things are just crazy like that, some lucky football fan out there would somehow randomly stumble in to acquiring a life-changing 1 Bitcoin from none other than Tom Brady Himself.

Not only did the lucky football fan receive a generous care package from Brady’s team, with things like tickets and a signed jersey, perhaps even another game football, among other perks… but perhaps the most important gift of all was the one Tom Brady himself announced he’d like to give the fan: 1 BTC.

Can you imagine being gifted 1 BTC by anyone, let alone by someone like Tom Brady? Well… one lucky fan didn’t have to imagine because it actually happened.

While it’s certainly not of quite the same value (on paper) yet today, it will be an interesting study over time to see if the 1 BTC given to this lucky football fan who received Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown ball in error becomes more valuable than the football itself.

Who knows? Only time will tell.

To the fan who received 1 BTC from Tom Brady: welcome to the Bitcoin World and happy hodling! Maybe put your 1 BTC towards mining bitcoin and turn it in to 2 BTC soon? Either way, enjoy your classic story and thanks for being part of history for sports fans and bitcoin fans alike!

Aaron Rodgers: Great At Football And Apparently A Bitcoin Lover?

Meanwhile, star football quarterback Aaron Rodgers- with the help of one of his sponsors- also recently waded in to the Bitcoin pool when he announced a $1 Million Dollar giveaway of Bitcoin to Twitter followers AND announced he is going to convert some of his own paychecks into Bitcoin. Just like a big win- this is big news!

Rightfully so, many Bitcoin advocates took solace in the first statement from Mr. Rogers “I believe in Bitcoin & the future is bright.” Whether you are a fan of the football team Aaron Rodgers plays for is not a huge factor now, at least if you’re a bitcoiner, because A-rod has shown he’s just like you and is really on Team Bitcoin!

While this was one of the first times Aaron Rodgers has made big announcements pertaining to Bitcoin, something tells us this won’t be the last time.

In Other News: Mayors Across The USA Race To Take Their Paychecks In Bitcoin!

While most bitcoiners don’t necessarily love politics, or at least that is oftentimes the public perception many people have about hardcore bitcoin hodlers, strangely enough- many bitcoiners do seem to get rather excited whenever a politician announces they are buying bitcoin or taking their own paycheck in bitcoin.

This said, while they may not be the most prominent public figures in the world, in what many still view is a positive step forward for Bitcoin, the Mayor of Miami, Florida- Francis Suarez has said he intends to take his full salary in bitcoin from now on- and the Mayor of Jackson, Tennessee- Scott Conger- also has publicly announced on Twitter he intends to convert his next paycheck directly into Bitcoin, with surely many more announcements from others to follow, including the incoming Mayor-Elect of New York City Eric Adams announcing he’d like to take his first 3 paychecks in bitcoin after taking office.

Skeptics of Bitcoin seem to take more enjoyment in negative news about bitcoin than they do pay attention to positive news, but surely public figures announcing they intend to accept Bitcoin for their own paycheck will help to sway some in the general public to give bitcoin a try. However, in reality, Bitcoin doesn’t need “news” or “events” and it’s likely to continue growing regardless of who does or doesn’t stack more BTC. After all, do you have enough sats and are you going to stop stacking sats? Neither are millions of other people.

So, while it’s good to see politicians making political moves they know will appeal to their followers… nobody in the world of Bitcoin really puts a ton of stock in to things like this because they care about the specific person’s actions alone but rather because of what is represents for the strides bitcoin is making towards mainstream acceptance and ultimate potential- if not likely- displacement of fiat currencies worldwide.

Alas, if this recent positive bitcoin news does not sway any newcomers to join the bitcoin tribe-it’s no worries at all.

As the real hardcore hodlers say, “everyone buys and mines bitcoin at the price they deserve.”

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Chelsea · February 10, 2022 at 5:47 PM

These articles are so interesting! Literally 2 of my favorite players ever, and I had NO CLUE about these until reading this article. Thanks for keeping me in the loop Minedpool!

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