Sure, Bitcoin may have been around for more than a decade… but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find information that helps you learn more about it.

For example, can the average person tell you what an ASIC Miner does or how one works? Do you think you can get an explanation of hash rate from the teller at your bank? Or, do any average people even really understand what you are doing when you tell them you are mining bitcoin? No, no, no, and another resounding no.

Alas, that’s just the way the world works from time to time. You know… sometimes, if you’re not already part of “the community” in some fashion, it’s just hard to learn the necessary information about certain things. To this end- that’s definitely the case when it comes to Bitcoin Mining and mining machines, aka bitcoin miners.

You may be able to find some information about mining machines on the product listings and maybe find some information online… but there’s not really anywhere that lets you know what to look for when it comes to buying mining machines. Besides some social media forums, manufacturer product guides, several reliable media outlets and hard-working sites like ours, and on occasion even “Bitcoin Twitter,”- there are not a wide variety of other resources available online to help you learn more about bitcoin mining.

Realistically, if you’re one of the brave folks out there deciding to start a bitcoin mining journey– you’ve traditionally been rather forced to do your own research about mining machines and oftentimes the information the average person can find is not the most helpful or it doesn’t make the explanations simple enough to be relatable. Heck, sometimes the best information isn’t even available in your language or what seems like the “best” information is not even really accurate. Let’s all work together to change that, and make more good info about mining machine available for all, perhaps?

Overall, the point is that you may be interested and wanting to learn more about bitcoin mining machines, but maybe you are just not exactly sure where to start.

It’s assumed that you will know your price-range quite well and also assumed you’ll consider the pricing of mining machines as much as you personally feel is necessary, so price is not a feature that is listed here… although many people may feel that’s one of the most important things to look at when buying miners or any other item.

Nonetheless, this article is here to help you determine what other mining machine features are important for you to consider when buying miners in 2022 and beyond.

Without further delay, continue reading this article to learn more about 3 critically important mining machine features you want to check out when buying bitcoin miners.

3 Bitcoin Mining Machine Features To Watch When Buying Mining Machines In 2022

1) Hash Rate

When you want to buy bitcoin miners, perhaps the most important mining machine feature which most prospective purchasers will be interested in should be the “hash rate” of the particular device(s) you plan to purchase.

So, in terms that can be understood by the average person: what is a hash rate, anyway? Essentially, a hash rate is the speed at which your particular mining machine can solve complex hexadecimal equations, i.e. the rate at which your machine can hash. For bitcoin mining machines particularly, the algorithm that all ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) Bitcoin Mining Machines are solving is called the SHA-256 algorithm. An ASIC Miner is built and has the chips coded for one single purpose: in the case of an ASIC Bitcoin Miner- the only purpose the machine will ever serve (technologically speaking) is to mine Bitcoin.

While you can refer to The Bitcoin White Paper and some of our other articles more about what exactly Bitcoin Mining is in order to learn more about hash rate and the technical aspects of bitcoin mining, sometimes it’s easiest to just break things down to their simplest form in order to gain a strong familiarity with subjects as complex as mining bitcoin.

All bitcoin miners sold on the market today have hash rates measured in the TRILLIONS of hashes per second. These measurements are commonly referred to as TH/s, which is an abbreviation of the long form meaning: terahashes-per-second. ASIC Bitcoin Miners are literally hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of times more powerful than your standard laptop, home computer, or smartphone, so it’s not realistic in 2022 and beyond to expect to mine BTC with anything that is not using a series of ASIC Chips.

While there are some exceptions to the rule, it is generally understood that the higher the machine’s hash rate is- typically the price will correlate accordingly.

As an example, while the Bitmain Antminer S9 is still a very popular and serviceable mining machine that is purchased by many miners, with stock speeds of 13-14+ TH/s (depending on the model), generally a S9 will be much cheaper than a Bitcoin Antminer S19j Pro for the primary reason being that the S19j Pro typically hashes at a stock speed of around 100 TH/s.

Overall, your potential earnings which can be derived from mining are largely dependent upon the hash rate which you command. Thus, when you want to buy bitcoin mining machines- many bitcoin mining pros and amateurs alike feel that it literally pays off down the road to ensure you purchase as much hash rate as you can afford when you are buying miners. After all, most mining pools determine earnings largely based upon the hash rate your mining machines produce. This is why most people want to accumulate as much hash rate as they are able to… because you can essentially get a larger slice of the proverbial earnings pie each time that your mining pool earns mining rewards.

Long story short- you definitely want to pay close attention to the hash rate of mining machines you want to buy, and- while choosing what mining machines you want to buy is a bit more complex than just this principle- basically you want to understand that most miners believe more hash rate is generally a good thing and that buying the most hash rate possible is typically the way to look at mining machine purchases.

2) Power Supply and Energy Consumption Details

First off, it’s definitely important to check out what type of power connections you have available to you before purchasing a mining machine. If you live in the USA, you may have a hard time powering most newer mining machines. Why? Because you likely only have 110v connections at home, and most newer mining machines work best- or, exclusively- with 220/250v connections. But it’s not impossible to mine at home, because there are some Power Supply Units available for Antminers such as the S9 and L3+, namely the APW3++ and APW7, which still allow you to use either 110v or 220/250v, making it possible to mine at home or the office for those with 110v… but even these devices only provide optimum performance when running with the higher voltages.

Or, if you want to let professionals manage your machines and let them worry about the power connections and all other aspects of running your high-maintenance miner- then simply sign up for a world-class miner hosting service like what is provided by MinedPool Technologies.

Most people don’t think twice about power consumption when buying a home computer or laptop… but, once again, the power consumption difference between these traditional devices and a bitcoin miner will very swiftly remind you that ASIC Bitcoin Mining Machines are very far from being similar to your home computer, laptop, or any other device you may have been used to operating in the past.

Alas, ASIC Miners are a powerful beast all unto themselves. And when we say beast… we mean BEASTLY POWER CONSUMPTION. For reference, your home devices may use hundreds of watts of power IF you have a very powerful device, whereas even older devices like a Bitmain Antminer S9 with Power Supply Unit require much more than 1,000 Watts of energy to properly run at full power… and most powerful new models like a S19j Pro can take more than 3,000 Watts of power to run.

When you combine the high power consumption of your mining machines with other factors like the high residential utility rates that many individuals many encounter today across the USA and the rest of the world, some miners find it far easier to use Miner Hosting Services like what is offered by MinedPool Technologies because the structured managed hosting model can potentially provide you with lower overall mining costs than you can likely access at home and also more security and dedicated professionals to manage your machines.

3) Noise

While noise is not necessarily a feature of the mining machines that many people may be aware you need to consider, and it can vary from model-to-model, typically most new miners may be surprised to learn that the decibel level of a miner is significant regardless of the model owned.

How loud is a bitcoin mining machine? Well… have you ever had a really loud vacuum cleaner running 24/7 before? If you haven’t- you will get a taste of what it’s like when you run a mining machine at home, because a bitcoin miner sounds very similar to a high pitched vacuum cleaner running on full blast.

For reference, S19j Pro typically run at 75+ db and most models of S9 also run at more than 75+ decibels typically. Most of the noise mining machines produce is really coming from the fans rather than from the miner’s hash boards or any other components of the miner itself, because what’s happening is the fans (intake and exhaust) are working hard to cool the mining machine(s) and helping to keep each of the miner’s highly specialized ASIC chips and other components as cool as possible. So- you need the fans, but they are one burden that do make mining a bit more logistically challenging than some may lead you to believe. It’s definitely worth finding a solution that allows you to mine is what most miners would say, but still mining bitcoin in 2022 does have certains pros and cons you must consider when purchasing miners and deciding where you plan to run them.

As you can imagine, even having one mining machine can be loud- but it’s possibly manageable for you. Even a couple of machines at a normal house can be achieved. But, when you start to have large quantities of mining machines, the noise can become overwhelming for many people. It can almost be akin to the sound of a jet engine when you combine large amounts of miners running at one time.

Long story short, you are very likely not going to have the ability run a bunch of bitcoin miners in a residential neighborhood because of power constraints AND the noise that it would produce. Certainly, you don’t want your neighbors accusing you of disturbing the peaceful neighborhood- but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun running a few machines at home and hooking up to your favorite mining pool.

So, this said, if you are going to mine at home and are not using a miner hosting service– then you definitely want to have a plan in place when it comes to your planned location to run the miner(s) you buy. Trying to pick a place that will be the least disruptive day-to-day life and other activities for you and those around you seems to be a wise choice, but it’s definitely easier said than done. When you get more than a few miners running at once, it can be very difficult to dampen the sound. Regardless, most miners do their best and upgrade to a miner hosting service when their operation outgrows their home mining start- and that’s really all you can do is find solutions to keep mining.

Are there more features to consider when buying mining machines beyond the miner’s hash rate, power consumption and plugs needed, and the noise? Of course, there are some other things you’ll want to take into your equation, including possibly pricing, heat produced by your miner (and how to get rid of said heat) and maybe size/spacing needed for machines if running them at home, as well as a variety of other factors.

You may not decide to start mining bitcoin, or you may feel there are other factors you’d rather pay attention to above those that are mentioned in this article. And that’s all fine. However, for those of you that are hoping to start mining bitcoin- at this point, hopefully you feel a bit more prepared to buy the mining machine(s) that perfectly fit your needs now that you know 3 Mining Machine Features To Consider When Buying Miners In 2022 (Including Hash Rate, Energy Consumption/ Power Details, and Noise). Above all else, hopefully this article will be of some help to you- because bitcoin mining is something that everyone should be able to try if they want to. Now that you know what mining machine features to look for when buying your own miner, you may have an even better shot of finding the right miner(s) for your goals. Regardless, feel free to do your own research and share your thoughts in the comments of this article or on social media so that you can help make our information even more helpful for all miners across the world. Either way, it’s an honor to have you reading the MinedPool Blog.

Of course, this article is being provided as free educational material. Nothing contained herein should be construed as any financial or business advice, and we obviously have a chance to earn a small bit here and there if you decide you are ready to start you mining journey by joining MinedPool as a member and/or purchase mining machines now that you know more about some of the top features to consider when searching for miners in 2022 and beyond. As always, please be sure to check out our site and our shop for more info about bitcoin mining. Until next time, thank you for reading the MinedPool Technologies Blog.


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