With a magnificent New Year of 2022 upon us, many people are wondering what the future holds for just about everything- including Bitcoin. What will be the biggest bitcoin storylines to follow throughout 2022?

Who knows, maybe one of your New Year’s Resolutions is even related to Bitcoin?

After the wild ride that was 2021, just about everyone could use some good news in 2022 and beyond, whether you’ve been stacking sats for years or if you’re brand-new to the world of bitcoin.

Certainly, bitcoin built a lot of momentum in the last year and is likely to continue making waves going forward.

What will be the hottest Bitcoin News in 2022?

What are 22 Bitcoin Stories To Watch In 2022?

If you can tell the future, we’d like to speak with you.

Otherwise, all anyone can do is make educated guesses about what could be some of the most important stories of 2022 and beyond as it pertains to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Mining and Miner Hosting, ASIC Mining Machines, and other subjects. Will everything turn out as expected? Of course not, and that’s never usually the case… is it? Nonetheless, there’s a pretty strong indication that most of these stories will continue to be important as the year 2022 progresses- since they all are already bubbling right now as we speak.

We’re guessing you’re already aware of most every topic listed, but some may be new to you.

Heck- Bitcoin may be new to you, and that’s great. It’s also great if you’re a long-time bitcoin owner. Bitcoin is for everyone.

Keep an eye on these top bitcoin news stories of 2022- listed below. It will be fun to look back in 2023 to see what unfolds.

Don’t you want to know HOW the biggest bitcoin news of 2022 will develop going forward?

While nobody knows for sure what the future holds for Bitcoin, certainly many people feel as though Bitcoin will continue to make advancements in 2022 and beyond. Lots of individuals even believe Bitcoin could hit a new All-Time-High Price this year. A new record hash rate for the Bitcoin Network also seems inevitable, based on available data.

Long story very short- there are many folks who are extremely bullish on all things related to bitcoin, and many people feel there is absolutely no reason anyone should deprive themselves of Bitcoin ownership. Some people even say BTC the greatest financial innovation of our generation- it’ll go up in perpetuity- and it’s the future of money.

But… what do you say?

After all- at the same time, while many people worldwide are putting everything they have in to Bitcoin, there are still some people predicting “this will be the year Bitcoin fails.Is this jealousy talking, or do they bitcoin-haters have a point?

Certainly, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and obviously nothing in this article should be construed as investment advice, but- do the “bitcoin doomsday” prognosticators not know that we Bitcoiners have been hearing about Bitcoin’s impending doom since 2009, and every year since? At the same time, Bitcoin has risen in price every year since 2009.

Still think there’s nothing to see here?

Regardless, at least one thing is certain- and that’s the fact that we’ll have plenty of Bitcoin headlines to watch in 2022.

Keep reading to find some of the essential bitcoin news stories you’ll want to follow in 2022.

22 Of The Top Bitcoin Stories To Watch In 2022!

  1. How To Mine Bitcoin In 2022? Should I Mine Bitcoin Or Buy Bitcoin? More People Will Be Wanting To Learn More About Bitcoin Mining- AND They Will Be Actively Buying BTC AND Buying BTC Mining Machines. Expect More People To Start Bitcoin Miner Hosting AND Start Mining Bitcoin Across The World In 2022 Than At Any Point Before! Bitcoin Is Not Just For The Pro Athletes And Celebrities You Follow On Social Media- It’s For YOU Too!
  2. Buying Bitcoin: What Major Corporations Will Announce They Are Buying Bitcoin In 2022?
  3. Bitcoin Payments: Will The World’s Biggest Companies, like Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Airbnb, Google, Tesla, Microsoft, Uber, And More, Announce They Will Start Allowing Bitcoin Payments In 2022?
  4. The New Bitcoin Standard: Will Any New Countries Declare Bitcoin “Legal Tender” In 2022? Expect at least 1 more country to follow El Salvador in declaring bitcoin legal tender at some point in 2022… but which ones?
  5. Can They Really Make Bitcoin Illegal? Will Any New Countries Attempt To Follow China’s Lead And Try To “Outlaw” Bitcoin Or Bitcoin Mining In 2022?
  6. Bitcoin Price Fluctuations: Who Can Handle The Rollercoaster Ride And Who Won’t Be Able To HODL On? Either Way, 1 BTC= 1BTC.
  7. Will Bitcoin’s Price Hit A NEW ALL TIME HIGH In 2022? BTC HAS Reached A New Record Price Every Year Of Existence, So It Seems Plausible.
  8. Bitcoin “Competitors.” Some “Crypto Projects,” Attempting To Copy Bitcoin And Which Are Not Really Decentralized, Will Claim They’re Superior To Bitcoin. They Won’t Be, BUT They’ll Tell You They Are. Don’t Take Anyone’s Word For It… Just Do Your Own Research About Bitcoin’s Superiority.
  9. Did China Really “Ban Bitcoin Mining” Successfully, OR Does The Data Indicate That Most Of The Miners Just Started Doing So Illegally? Bitcoin’s Hash Rate Recently Reached NEW All-Time-Highs, AFTER The “Ban” In China. Either Way- Now The USA Apparently Has More Bitcoin Mining Hash Rate Than Any Other Country!
  10. US Government Regulations. Does Any “Bitcoin/Crypto Legislation” Get Enacted… OR Will The Industry Be Left Alone?
  11. Thanks To YOU: MinedPool Technologies Continues To Be One Of The Fastest Growing Startups In The World In 2022, While Helping More People From Across The World To Access Affordable Miner Hosting Services To Start Mining Bitcoin! Stay Tuned For Huge Upgrades And GIGANTIC NEWS COMING THROUGHOUT 2022!
  12. Bitcoin Might Be Mentioned More Frequently In All Forms Of Media, AND In Your Everyday Interactions.
  13. Bitcoin vs. “Crypto.” Learning The Fundamentals And Technicalities Will Be More Important For Everyone In 2022!
  14. New Bitcoin Mining Machines! What Will Be Some New Bitcoin Mining Machine Advancements Made In 2022?
  15. Crypto Exchanges” Will They Have Enough BTC Supply To Satisfy Demand, OR Are They Selling BTC They Don’t Own? Keep Your Bitcoin In Cold Storage To Keep It Safe, Or Leave It On The Exchange?
  16. No Bitcoin For You? What Will The “Bitcoin Bears” And Scammers Try In 2022? And Will Anyone Listen?
  17. Bitcoin Babies: Are Children Starting To Be Named After Bitcoin’s Pseudonymous Founder, Satoshi Nakamoto? Is This A Thing, OR Will It Become A Trend In 2022?
  18. Will The Real Satoshi Nakamoto Reveal Themselves In 2022, OR Did They Already Do So? Neither Is Likely!
  19. Bitcoin Basics: Where Do You Learn More About Bitcoin In 2022? HINT- MinedPool Technolgies Is The Answer!
  20. Will Any New Countries Start Announcing They Are Buying Bitcoin In 2022? Will Some Announce They Already Own BTC?
  21. Bitcoin Influencers… Do You Let Them Influence You Too Much, Especially If It’s A Paid Partnership?
  22. Bitcoin Twitter: What Will Happen In 2022?

Will all of these stories be on your radar going forward? If you want to know what’s going on with Bitcoin, they better be.

As always, we have to mention that all of the information in this article is provided solely for educational and entertainment purposes and nothing in this piece should be considered official financial or business advice. Obviously, our company does hold Bitcoin and does mine bitcoin- and we might benefit if you purchase mining machines from our shop and join MinedPool Technologies as our newest MinedPool Member– but you’ll definitely benefit also when you host mining machines with MinedPool. Of course, you can always make your own decisions, and since nothing in this article is at all intended to be any sort of financial advice, it’s best to do your own research on all topics– including bitcoin.

REMEMBER: be sure to stay tuned to the MinedPool Technologies Blog for the most important Bitcoin News. It’s a pleasure to have your attention.

While it will be very interesting to see how the year 2022 progresses in all aspects- including with bitcoin- at least it’s clear we’ll have plenty of stories to keep an eye on.

Overall, more people are taking an interest in Bitcoin now than ever before. More people are buying bitcoin and finding how to start bitcoin mining now in 2022 than ever before in history, and that’s something that should be celebrated. Satoshi Nakamoto’s visionary creation could be just getting started- which elates many and scares many others.

Just remember- BITCOIN IS FOR EVERYONE! Let’s all go get more Bitcoin together!


Chelsea · February 10, 2022 at 5:41 PM

I love this article!! It is so informative, gives me a good heads up on what to keep an eye out for this year. Thanks Minedpool!

    MinedPoolTechnologies · February 11, 2022 at 2:11 PM

    That’s why were here is to help. We appreciate you taking the time to read our work! Here’s to a great 2022 and beyond 💪

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